Dana Elkis

Senior Designer, 2020 - Current
DSI - Design System International

ITP, NYU Research Fellow, 
Design specialist, 2020-2022
Fresh grad of 2020 by AIGA, NY


Role Graphic Designer
For Speculative Design studio, Bezalel
Date September 2015 
Type Book Design 
There is a magic moment, one we don’t acknowledge much. its the second before we have the correct answer, the  second before we see the solution clearly, its the second  where our  body is full of adrenaline. At that specific moment were in the grey zone. I once thought that I should know everything in advanced, I should see clearly what the future will bring me but  forgot tha creativity is driven from those grey zone.

A memo for 2061 is a  book I created in order to remind myself how beautiful these  moments are, 200 pages of  black and white not-focused pictures which I took over the past 10 years, these photos were kept in  folder  named: “not good/not focused/trash” etc. accompanied with the  short essay “The Aesthetics of Chance” by  Margaret Iverson, this will be the best reminder for  me to search for these grey zones and not  be compromised or mislead by the beauty of the determinism of black  and white.

Book 320 pages / 10X16 CM / Perfect Binding