Dana Elkis

Typography-oriented designer specializing in creating design systems, interactive web, and experience design. Drawn to design that has relevance, longevity, and purpose. Trained as a graphic designer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem [2015]. She is a recent ITP—NYU (Interactive telecommunications program) graduate and a current research resident.

Dana was born and raised in Haifa, is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Senior Designer, 2020 - Current
DSI - Design System International

ITP, NYU Research Fellow, 
Design specialist, 2020-2022
Fresh grad of 2020 by AIGA, NY

About Me

Web Design
>The Bureau of Push Notifications
> 873 Civil Defense Sirens
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Interaction Design
Typographic Dynamics
> Posture Torture
> Reflective Landscapes
> Walking Garden
> Creative block
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> Flashlight

Motion Design
> Tel Aviv Musueum of Art logo

Print Design
> Bodies and Borders 
> A MEMO FOR 2061
The bridge is Dead
> Dan Arav
> Alchemy of Words
> pharynx
> SubSahara
> Plato
> SubSahara 2
> Shevet Afik
> Utopian Loops
> 50 Years for Israeli Television
> Computer Mouse Confrence
> The Coding Lab
> Ophir Awards 2017
> Bambina

Alchemy of Words:
Abraham Abulafia, Dada, Lettrism

Role Graphic Designer
Studio Michal Sahar

Type Book Design
A bilingual catalog for the exhibition: Alchemy of Words: Abraham Abulafia, Dada, Lettrism. The exhibition, marking the 100th anniversary of Dada. Curated by Dr. Batsheva Goldman-Ida At the tel aviv museum of art.
The catalog presenting 60 works from public and private collection from Israel and abroad of Dada and Lettrist artworks, sound poems and video clip, and works associated with the medieval mystic Abraham Abulafia. The catalog design was inspired by dadaism distinguished colors and typography.  Contains 3 main hierarchies using multiple typefaces, colors and changed layouts to emphasis the festivity of 100 years of text experiment.

Book 219 pages / PUR Binding