Dana Elkis
Typography-focused, print-obsessed designer and art director, specializing in interactive web and experience design. Graduate of ITP—NYU (Interactive telecomunications program).
Trained as graphic designer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Currently looking for the next challange

About Me

Web Design
>The Bureau of Push Notifications
> 873 Civil Defense Sirens
Adjacent - Issue 07
Adjacent - Issue 06
Adjacent - Issue 05

Interaction Design
Typographic Dynamics
> Posture Torture
> Reflective Landscapes
> Walking Garden
> Creative block
> Interface
> Flashlight

Motion Design
> Tel Aviv Musueum of Art logo

Print Design
> Bodies and Borders 
> A MEMO FOR 2061
The bridge is Dead
> Dan Arav
> Alchemy of Words
> pharynx
> SubSahara
> Plato
> SubSahara 2
> Shevet Afik
> Utopian Loops
> 50 Years for Israeli Television
> Computer Mouse Confrence


Role Graphic Designer For Studio Michal Sahar Date January 2015  Type Moving Typography
Tel Aviv Museum of Art GALA Logo celebrating the DADA Movement’s 100th birthday. Inspired by dadaist posters, this video installation was made with different letters size, while the letters movement works like a motor/mechanism that  breaks its structure and comes back each time into order.