Research led graphic designer based in New York. Practiced versatile projects in the field of visual communication. From the execution of concept-driven, commissioned projects to self-initiated studies.
While I enjoy being curious, meticulously detailed, playful and an intuition-driven designer, I'm drawn to design that's led by content and not designers; a design that has Relevant longevity and purpose.

Dan Arav: Metim Lir’ot, War, Memory and Television

Television, war, and memory share a close connection that captures the imagination.
“Metim Lir’ot” is an original connection that deconstructs the television
representations of Israel's wars, focusing on the connection between trauma
and nostalgia, testimony and reconstruction, war and entertainment.
The book create a document-like feel . Displaying iconic tv captures and quotes
that enrich the reading experience and combining television (image) and theory (text).

254 Pages / 19x14 CM


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