Dana Elkis

Senior Designer, 2020 - Current
DSI - Design System International

ITP, NYU Research Fellow, 
Design specialist, 2020-2022
Fresh grad of 2020 by AIGA, NY

Flash Light 

Role Fabrication, Electronics
For ITP, 2018
Date November 2016 
Type Product Design
The inspiration behind this idea comes from crossbody bags that had a very clear mission to provide people bags that could be worn ‘hands free’.
We carry many accessories using our bodies, we cover our bodies with layers of cloths that become part of our body as the day goes on.
It seemed like a great idea would be to try and give the flash light a better spot in our daily appearance, make it a proper accessory, something that can define you, make you feel safe, make you express yourself or just add another layer to your figure. A flashlight often associate with handy/practical approach. A tool that people need or must have. and there are great flashlight our there for this kind of needs. i tried to find a different approach toward light.

More about the Process - Link