Research led graphic designer based in New York. Practiced versatile projects in the field of visual communication. From the execution of concept-driven, commissioned projects to self-initiated studies.
While I enjoy being curious, meticulously detailed, playful and an intuition-driven designer, I'm drawn to design that's led by content and not designers; a design that has Relevant longevity and purpose.


Helless is a Helmet that helps people that want to see horror movies by
themselvs protect their senses from terrifying scenes.
Usually while watching horror movies one want to: 1. Feel Protected (have a blanket)
2. Cover her eyes  3. Cover her ears.
We took the most common reaction and created a very furry helmet,
that has 2 hands that hugs you and also protect you. each hand has a button
that the user can push. one will cover the eyes and one will cover the ears.
in the back of the helmet there is a counter which tell you in the end of the
movie the amount of times you felt scared. 

Arduino Uno (C)
3D printing
touch Sensors
Liquid panel display

Project Documentation - link

Made in collaboration with Jae Kook Han
Physical Computing





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