Dana Elkis

Senior Designer, 2020 - Current
DSI - Design System International

ITP, NYU Research Fellow, 
Design specialist, 2020-2022
Fresh grad of 2020 by AIGA, NY

Posture Torture

Role Creator,  Designer
For ITP - Crtical Object 
Date February – March 2019
Type Interactive wearable

    Model Nick Greg
While we use our mobile devices, our body is forced into an unnatural posture.Only when the pain kicks in do we stretch out, trying to free our body from the uncomfortable pain; but soon our body slips back into the posture that the mobile device dictates. According to spineUniverse, the use of these devices influences our posture and body mechanics in unhealthy ways that contribute to neck, upper back, shoulder, and arm pain. Furthermore, poor posture while sitting, standing, walking, or in a static position can lead to more than upper body pain and stiffness—poorposture affects other parts of the spine, such as the middle and low back.

What strikes me the most is that an adult human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. At 15 degrees of a forward tilt, this may equate to a head weighing 27 pounds. At 30 degrees forward, the strain on the neck equals a 40-pound head. The higher the angle, the greater the strain: 45 degrees forward equals 49 pounds of pressure, and 60 degrees forward equals 60 pounds. The torture/posture helmet was created to demonstrate the absurd postures we force our bodies. By taking out of the equation the mobile device, we might be able to have a look at ourselves and reflect if we can change our behavior to our bodies.

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