Research led graphic designer based in New York. Practiced versatile projects in the field of visual communication. From the execution of concept-driven, commissioned projects to self-initiated studies.
While I enjoy being curious, meticulously detailed, playful and an intuition-driven designer, I'm drawn to design that's led by content and not designers; a design that has Relevant longevity and purpose.

South of the Sahara: accelerated urbanism in Africa

Visual identity for the Sub-Saharan Africa exhibition.  This region, containing 
a multitude of nations, cultures, and geographic expanses, is gripped between 
preserving communal traditions and accelerating economic liberalism. 
A massive Chinese presence translated into developing infrastructures and new cities.  
African store signs created mainly by brushes on a variety of surfaces. Intense colors 
capture the passerby's attention. The blazing African sun also influenced the 
exhibition design. The design included: a new bilingual font inspired by amateur local
lettering; a poster-like invitation; entry title and work 

Manuel: Text Booklet: 13x18 CM / Image Booklet: 10x16 CM





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