Research led graphic designer based in New York. Practiced versatile projects in the field of visual communication. From the execution of concept-driven, commissioned projects to self-initiated studies.
While I enjoy being curious, meticulously detailed, playful and an intuition-driven designer, I'm drawn to design that's led by content and not designers; a design that has Relevant longevity and purpose.

The Bridge is Dead
The Bridge is Dead offers a conceptual analysis of an artistic, cultural, universal phenomenon - the popular song. The book sheds light on the new definition of popular local Israeli music as well as original perspective on the Israeli culture and local music icons. The book was designed for Jonathan Turgeman as part of his doctoral thesis in musicology. The text contains more than 10 different type-hierarchies. The Hebrew language is not rich in Italic weights commonly used in Latin. The tools for the differentiation of hierarchies in Hebrew are usually font substitution, extreme leading, underline and many other creative solutions. This book was designed using all the different weights (including a new set of Hebrew serif/san-serif italic) of the Fedra typeface (Michal Sahar/ Typotheque, 2015). This choice makes it possible to differentiate and express the different types of content. In places, the typography almost becomes an
image to enable fluent reading. 219 Pages / 13.5x19 CM / PUR Binding

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