Research led graphic designer based in New York. Practiced versatile projects in the field of visual communication. From the execution of concept-driven, commissioned projects to self-initiated studies.
While I enjoy being curious, meticulously detailed, playful and an intuition-driven designer, I'm drawn to design that's led by content and not designers; a design that has Relevant longevity and purpose.


Sometime it takes 3‭ ‬days to get the sound of a siren out of your head‭.
‬The sound crawls through your body‭, ‬moving from the heart‭ ‬to the head
and back again‭. ‬When you hear the sound your instinct is to find shelter
as quickly as possible‭. ‬You find a sense of safety from obtaining cover
but you have no idea what’s happening in the outside world‭. ‬
In a shelter‭, ‬most of your time is spent waiting‭. ‬What you’re waiting for is
the sound of an explosion‭. ‬There is no way to know if there is an impending
missile impact or if things are all clear‭.  ‬What would it feel like to be directly
under the blast‭? ‬All you can do is imagine what is going to happen next‭.  ‬
This piece is about juxtaposing video streaming live from Israel with the sounds
of Sirens collected over the course of my life‭.‬‭ ‬By doing so I was able to create
a symbolic window into what may be happening outside my shelter‭.‬

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Introduction to Computational Media

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